Spring takes the time to uncover your problems and delivers exemplary care with healing hands. She helps me overcome my needle nervousness with a smile and has made profound changes that have endured. I am sincerely grateful and as a fellow health care provider, I am so glad to have her on my team.

Annemieke P. Chiropractor

City, State

Out of all the modalities I have tried, yoga, massage, chiropractor & allopathic medicine; acupuncture with Spring Smith is the one thing I can count on to alleviate my acute migraine pain.

Years ago, I went through a period of intense anxiety and could not find relief. I found Spring and after a few acupuncture treatments my panic attacks were 100% gone!

Sarita B.T.

City, State

I've been going to Spring for acupuncture treatments, and TCM herbal supplement consultations, for several years now. She has helped me to resolve issues ranging from anxiety to digestive issues and even hormonal imbalance. I feel immediate relief following our appointments. Spring has a strong analytical mind and a great amount of compassionate intuition which, combined, make her an excellent healer.

Angela C.

City, State

I started seeing Spring Smith in 2012 for severe neck and shoulder pain. After my first visit I felt so much relief I became a regular patient.

A few hours after my first treatment, a clicking noise I had in my neck was gone. It was like magic!

Going into Spring's office is like stepping in to a place of well being. I feel nurtured by her great listening skills. She is very client centered and knows just the right questions to ask to make my treatment exactly what I need.

I highly recommend Spring to my friends and family.


City, State

I've been seeing Spring Smith regularly for acupuncture and massage since 2009. She is truly an amazing practitioner and person.

Spring is incredibly compassionate and has the most nurturing touch. She is very gentle with her needles and leaves me feeling rejuvenated with each session.

My whole family sees Spring Smith for acupuncture. I highly recommend her services!

Alicia L

City, State

I have been in the body work field for over 10 years, have trained all over, and have been massaged by practitioners from around the world. I can honestly say that Spring Smith gives one of the best massages I have ever had!

Spring is thorough, and present, and when the massage is over I feel like I am a new person. My body is relaxed and renewed! I have also received acupuncture from Spring. Her knowledge and understanding of the body-mind, and Eastern medicine, are a gift to anyone she treats.

I would and do recommend her to anyone who asks.

Jennifer P

City, State

Spring is a medicine treasure...

She's always treated our family with compassion, healing skill, and a sharp mind that gets to the bottom of our ills. Spring does an amazing moxa treatment on our little one that he really responds to, bringing healing where needles might not work with such young children. All around great Traditional Chinese Medicine family practitioner.

I would and do recommend her to anyone who asks.

Stephen G

City, State

Feeling stressed out I met Spring and arranged a session. I found her office to be a nice, quiet facility with great ambience. Spring did a thorough interview and began the treatment... Wow, what great hands!

I never felt the needle punctures and soon drifted off. Refreshed and relaxed, I Ieft knowing I had met someone who sincerely cares for the well being of her patients. Spring will remain at the top of my list of caregivers!

Tim Perrin

City, State

I have been using Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture as my primary health care resource for 30 years. I began seeing Spring in 2008 at the Five Branches Clinic, and followed her when she started her private practice.

Spring is compassionate, caring, and I feel I can tell her anything. She was already an experienced body-worker when she became a TCM practitioner, bringing that wealth of knowledge to her practice.

Acupuncture treatments have always been successful at helping my body heal itself. At the beginning of a cold one acupuncture treatment knocks it out!

Acupuncture has helped immensely with the pain from a shoulder injury, and my body was able to completely heal without invasive intervention.

I highly recommend acupuncture before, during and after childbirth. Now my three children use acupuncture and Chinese Medicine! Menopause has been a breeze, thanks to acupuncture and Chinese herbs!

I choose Chinese Medicine over Western Medicine because it’s more affordable, without the side effects, and it works!

Elizabeth S.

City, State

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